Lightweight Chassis For Alternative Powertrains

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The design and building of a LCAP monocoque has been the driving force behind JSC Ltd, based in Newquay, for the last year, after winning the design award from the Niche Vehicle Network in 2012 and now the lightweight chassis was launched at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, on the Niche Vehicle Network Stand (stand 11).

“Our ethos is very simple; we wanted to provide a solution that took away not only the excessive costs in R&D for SME and specialist car manufacturers, but also the time required designing and developing a new chassis” commented Neil Yates, MD of JSC Ltd. “The JSC Chassis is also available with a financial solution through a partnership or licence
programme that really fits with the specialist car manufacturers’ budgetary restraints. It is a win/win situation for all”

The advanced aluminium monocoque concept is capable of being used in multiple drivetrain formats and configurations;

a) Electric only
b) Hybrid
c) Combustion engine only

In addition, the modular design methodology allows for complete flexibility of drivetrain and occupant layout and packaging -

-Mid-engine with transverse or longitudinal engine installation
-Front engine, rear wheel drive with torque tube and transaxle
-Front, rear or four wheel drive installations possible
-2 seat or 2+2 configuration - Convertible or fixed head coupe

We have managed to revolutionise the next step in production for the specialist car manufacturer in Britain, who are still among the very best producers of top quality and innovative cars, and ensuring the British car market still can compete on the global marketplace.

LCAP monocoques are set to provide the underpinning technology for multiple automotive projects having already been adopted by several low volume manufacturers. Look out for LCAP based vehicles entering production from 2013 onward!

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