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Ginetta hit a significant milestone in their manufacturing process last week as they led a convoy of G60 and G40R's into Le Mans ahead of the famous Le Mans 24 Hour, which included BTCC star Tony Hughes in his brand new Ginetta G60.

Hughes and his partner Vicci Schultz recently took delivery of the first British customer Ginetta G60, an enigmatic, 3.7 litre, V6 powered beast, which underwent a baptism of fire as they pushed their new toy to the test on a 1,200 mile round trip to Le Mans.

Ginetta Chairman and 2006 Le Mans GT2 winner Lawrence Tomlinson, who led the convoy of three Ginetta G60's and two Ginetta G40's on the massive round trip from Leeds to Le Mans. He said; "It was a very proud moment for both myself personally, as well as the company as a whole watching the first batch of Ginetta road cars roll into Le Mans. It has been a culmination of two years' hard development to get to this point, and Ginetta is now in an exceptionally strong position going forwards."

As the first British G60 owner, Ginetta asked the BTCC star to showcase their car in the famous la Grande Parade des Pilotes on Friday afternoon alongside Autocar's Vicky Parrot in her G40R, where Vicci Schultz's had her first real experience of driving the car and had to master the same level of stop-start clutch control as a hour and half stuck in traffic on the M6! She said; "After putting just over 1,000 miles on the clock on a return trip to Le Mans, I was amazed at how easy the G60 was to drive and how comfortable it was to spend a 10-hour journey in!

"Not only that, but I was pleased with how easily I could drive it in the stop-start traffic of the parade which required a lot of clutch control! I couldn't believe how unbelievably powerful it is when I was on the open roads of France, and most importantly; there was enough luggage space for a five day trip for two which is unheard of in any other two-seater Supercar!"

In a car that is purely focused on driving experience, offering light weight and high power gives an exceptional performance without sacrificing the comfort and quality which you would expect from a carbon fibre-built supercar. Tony Hughes, who shared the driving on the trip added; "Considering we gave the car its first real drive to France and back, the car was very well behaved and an absolute pleasure to drive. I am very impressed how light and nimble the car feels around twisty bends and roundabouts, as well as the sheer power when it picks up its feet.

He added; "Often tuned-up sub engines run lumpy at low revs, but this is sweet as a nut at 1,200RPM, and when it goes up in the revs, it really starts to fly! It's a lovely car to drive; externally it looks brilliant and aesthetically the insides look swell."

As one of only two customer Ginetta G60's on the road - the other model resides in Germany - Vicci and Tony joins the ranks of what is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive supercar clubs in the world.

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