Honda Announces New Honda 'Robotics' Division And All-New ASIMO

(14/11/2011) Honda Announces New Honda 'Robotics' Division And All-New ASIMO RSS feed

Honda has announced the establishment of Honda Robotics, the collective name to represent all of its robotics technologies, and product applications created through its research and development of humanoid robots.

The announcement coincides with the unveiling of an all-new ASIMO humanoid robot with a world-first technology enabling ASIMO to move without being controlled by an operator - whereby progressing from a "automatic machine" to an "autonomous machine". It now has the ability to make decisions based on its surroundings and the movements of people. With significantly improved intelligence and the physical ability to adapt to situations, ASIMO has taken another step closer to practical use in real life situations, such as in the office environment or open public spaces.

As well as the new ASIMO, Honda has also introduced an experimental model of a task-performing robot arm that was developed while applying multi-joint and posture control technologies amassed through the research and development of ASIMO. This robot arm can be controlled remotely, moves on a self-propelled base and was designed with the idea of being utilised at disaster sites or other places too dangerous for people to work.

Further ASIMO technologies have also been revealed to have practical applications in both voice recognition technology, and also at the other end of the spectrum within Honda's MotoGP racing technology.

Honda has always continued to take on new challenges in the effort to create new products and advance technologies with the spirit of utilising technology to help people. Honda has been developing and advancing the ASIMO humanoid robot to realise a dream to be useful for people and to help enrich people's daily lives. It has become a test-bed for a range of technologies that have a real-life application and ASIMO project has in many ways come to highlight Honda's groundbreaking technological innovations.

The specialist division of Honda Robotics will continue important research and development of humanoid robots, with a focus on applying robotics technologies to mass-produced products and putting product applications into practical everyday use.

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