FER To Forge Links With Other Automotive Remanufacturers

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The Federation of Engine Remanufacturers hopes to attract many more remanufacturers to join its ranks and help raise the profile of "green" automotive remanufacturing.

For example, diesel pump, turbocharger and fuel injection systems remanufacturers will be among a wide range of specialists that should benefit from the recruitment campaign.

The campaign will highlight the benefits of a united voice and emphasise the opportunities and commercial advantages that an expanded organisation might provide.

As well as having the political connections necessary to get its views aired nationally and internationally, FER already offers its members a range of business and technical support services, as well as having the administrative expertise to manage membership matters and promotional campaigns.

To support the move, FER is planning a series of meetings, mailing and campaign leaflets, while a new-look website will help to publicise proposals that it hopes will be received favourably by the various component and systems remanufacturers:

"The individual components that we each remanufacture cannot function in isolation. By working in harmony, their collective output is impressive and they produce powerful working engines," says FER President Alan Johnson.

"Automotive remanufacturers have a bright future but increasingly, it is becoming difficult to protect individual business interests. Together, we can achieve something more and drive ourselves and our industry forward."

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